Year 7 Transition

A day in the life of Brine Leas

Transition Information

Hello and welcome to our transition page for year 6 students. We can’t wait for you to start at Brine Leas and we are really excited to tell you as much as possible about our school. This area of the website is just for year 6 students: here you will find information about uniform, PE kit, the school day, the house system, lessons and so much more! There will be videos and various documents which will hopefully help you learn more about our school. We hope you enjoy learning more about Brine Leas.

Wisepay Information
We are waiting for the automated synchronization of the Wisepay system with our system. Once this has been automatically synchronized, we can proceed with providing parents with further information on our Wisepay system and how to log into your accounts to add money for the cashless catering system. Thank you for your patience in this matter.