GCSE Results 2019

Brine Leas is delighted with another set of amazing GCSE results. Over 60% of our students gained a strong pass (Grade 5) in both English and mathematics, with nearly 80% gaining a standard pass (Grade 4) in both English and mathematics. 28% of all of the grades for all of the subjects were Grade 7 or above, with a remarkable 7.5% of them being Grade 9 (in excess of the former A* grade).

 200 of the students gained at least 8 full GCSE qualifications, with 186 gaining 9 and 32 gaining 10 full GCSEs. There were 2 students who received Grade 9 in every one of their 10 GCSEs. As a comparison, last year there were only 732 students in England who achieved this out of over 700,000 candidates.

 The school has once again gained positive value added across the whole cohort, meaning that students at Brine Leas have done better across all of their subjects than the national averages.

 English, mathematics and science all made positive value added and again performed significantly in excess of the national standard.

 20 subjects gained the most challenging and hardest to achieve Grade 9s, with biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, geography, religious education and graphic products all gaining at least 10% Grade 9s. Within this was religious education at 39%, computer science at 25% and geography at 20%.

 Headteacher David Cole said, “The students and staff at Brine Leas have once again produced some amazing results which is 100% down to their hard work, effort and commitment. I am pleased that so many students have achieved the potential and are going on to A Levels, BTecs, apprenticeships and employment. The top grades are really pleasing, but just as important to me are those students who achieved any grade from 9 to 1 if they reached their potential to do so. We wish all of our students well whether their destination is Brine Leas Sixth Form, specialist colleges or training.”

Examination Headlines

All StudentsDisadvantaged StudentsNational Average
(all other sudents)
Disadvantaged Gap
(measured against national ‘All other students’)
Disadvantaged Gap (measured against national ‘disadvantaged students’)
of Students
of Students
of Students
of Students
Number of Students215100%3616.7% (vs 26.5% national)N/AN/AN/A
Students achieving Grades 9-5 in English and Maths12457.67%1027.78%49.9%-22.12%+3.08%
Students Entered for EBacc12256.7%1438.89%44.5%-5.61%+11.39%
Students Achieving EBacc (Grade 5+ in all 6 subjects)3617%12.78%17.1% (all students)-14.32% (vs all students)Not available
PointsPointsNational Average
(all other students)
Disadvantaged Gap
(measured against national ‘all other students’
Disadvantaged Gap
(measured against national ‘disadvantaged students’)
Progress 8 Score-0.01-0.480.13-0.61-0.03
Attainment 8 Score52.3138.3150.3-11.99-1.61
Average Attainment 8 Score (per Entry)-
Average Point Score per EBacc Subject4.073.254.43-1.18+0.17

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