Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship (PSHCE)


It is the responsibility of Brine Leas School to provide not only outstanding academic opportunities, but to guide our students through their emotional and social development. Equipping students with an understanding of social issues, personal health, and citizenship is a fundamental process that helps them within and beyond the school gates. Through PSHCE our students are able to engage with a wide range of issues that are critical to their wellbeing and their role as active participants in society. These are:

  • Personal; emotional wellbeing, learning and organisation, careers and further education
  • Health; sexual health, healthy living and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Social; relationships, moral responsibility, employment and economic wellbeing
  • Citizenship; justice, community participation, governance and global citizenship


PSHCE is embedded within the pastoral programme in KS3 and KS4, along with timetabled lessons of 1 hour per fortnight for each year group. During this hour, the Progress Managers of each year group will carousel two lessons about a particular topic. The curriculum is delivered in half-termly themes that connect the learning vertically across all year groups, yet targets specific issues relevant to the individual needs of each year group. In addition, many PSHCE issues are embedded within study topics throughout the subjects taught at KS3 and KS4.

During pastoral session within their form time slots, students will cover the following issues:

Tutor TimeAutumn 1 RelationshipsAutumn 2 LearningSpring 1 JusticeSpring 2 CommunitySummer 1 HealthSummer 2 Finance
Year 7FriendshipsOrganisation SkillsStreet SmartRaising AwarenessDietCulture
Year 8Anti-BullyingLearning StylesLegal ProcessRaising AwarenessSmokingEuropean Union
Year 9Peer PressureLearning SkillsInequalityRaising AwarenessAlcoholVoting
Year 10Teen ViolenceMoney SkillsDiscriminationRaising AwarenessDrug UseEmployment
Year 11SexualityPost-16 ChoicesVotingInequalityHealthy Revision

Active Citizenship

Throughout the academic year, each year group will have a focus issue, in which they will work towards taking actions to make a difference.

Year 7Poverty: Britain and global concerns
Year 8Children’s Rights: in Britain and globally
Year 9Homelessness: street children
Year 10Human Rights: global violations

The model of ‘Issue, Action, Change’ will be supported through PSHCE lessons and form time activities, along with guest speakers, assemblies and connections to external organisations.


Citizenship Ambassadors

Each form group elects two Citizenship Ambassadors who are trained in leadership and campaigning skills to lead and support their form group to take action on their issue.


PSHCE Curriculum lesson time topics