Social Sciences

The Social Science Department at Brine Leas offers a range of examination-based qualifications across Key Stage 4 and 5. Our exam-based curriculum provides an array of subjects appealing to students interested in the Sciences and Maths to Humanities and English.

Our unifying ideal embodies a focus on understanding how human society works. Social Science provides a knowledge of the world beyond our immediate experiences, focusing on unemployment, economic growth, poverty, health, how people vote, forensics and many other areas. In addition, there is a consideration of biological components to how human society works which are affected by environmental factors and social structures within their locality – from this there will ultimately be an impact on social control, intervention and multiple policy decisions. Therefore, it is an essential tool for governments and policy makers, local authorities and non-government-based organisations.

Our students are expected to be respectful in terms of the material covered within our courses and to embrace the department philosophy of academic excellence and commitment. We encourage effort, hard work and independent learning as our students need to be intrigued by what goes on around them, the news, current political debates, current research articles in addition to accepting academic research and methodological developments.

If you require any additional information on the different subject areas, contact one of the Social Science Department team and they will be able to provide accurate advice and guidance on the different subject areas

Subject areas

  • Psychology (A level and GCSE)
  • Sociology (A Level and GCSE)
  • Law (A Level)
  • Government and Politics (A Level)
  • EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) 6th Form Only