Gifted and Talented

Students who are identified by the Music Department as having a particular area of proficiency are placed on our G&T register and displayed on our Gifted and Talented notice board, where we celebrate any musical successes students may have achieved both in and out of school . These pupils will be invited to attend G & T-specific events, concerts and workshops throughout the year in order to increase their knowledge and understanding of music. We also differentiate within the planning of our lessons to ensure that every child is encouraged to achieve to their very best.

If your child was on the G&T list for Music at their primary school, or if you believe your child may be musically gifted and talented (for example if they attend music lessons or clubs outside of school and are performing at a high level, please email Mrs. O’Donnell (gemma.o’ as soon as possible and keep us updated as your child progresses through Brine Leas.

Why study music?

Music is an incredibly diverse subject, encompassing a variety of practical and academic approaches to the study of music. The varied nature of the subject enables students to develop highly-desirable skills in areas such as self-management, teamwork, analytical and critical thinking skills, problem-solving, and communication as well as develop your creativity.

Our music lessons at KS3 are predominantly practical and we explore different genres of music through listening, evaluating, singing and playing instruments such as keyboards and ukuleles. This continues into KS4, where students can further develop their skills in performance, composition and listening and analysis. There are also lots of opportunities at both KS3 and 4 for students to play their own instruments in lessons.

Studying music is not simply for those who have the potential to become the next great composer or top performer. It offers a rich and robust learning experience, one your students will never forget, and one that will help them no matter what career they choose to pursue.


Year 7

YearUnit 1
1 Baseline Test Vocal Skills
2 Stage and Screen
3 Instruments of the Orchestra
4 Rhythm & Pulse
5 & 6 World Music (Double Unit)

Year 8

1 Vocal Skills
2 Film Music – Heroes and Villians
3 & 4 Instrumental Techniques – Jazz and Blues (Double Unit)
5 Samba
6 Solo Performances

Year 9

1 Musicals
2 Film Music
3 & 4 Pop Music through the Decades (Double Unit)
5 Video Games
6 Arranging

Extra Curriculum Timetable

DayLunchtime/After schoolActivity
Monday Lunch Music Department Meeting
After School
Tuesday Lunch
After School
Wednesday Lunch School choir
After School GCSE Revision and Theory club
Thursday Lunch School Choir
After School School Band
Friday Lunch Folk Club
After School A Cappella vocal group (A&T) Chamber Group

New GCSE Overview

Component 1 Performing 30% NEA 2 performances Solo – minimum 1 piece – minimum 1 minute Ensemble – minimum 1 piece – minimum 1 minute Together total minimum of 4 minutes across the solo and ensemble pieces Minimum total 2 pieces 30 marks each Total of 60 marks
Component 2 Composing 30% NEA 2 compositions 1 to set brief – minimum 1 minute 1 free composition – minimum 1 minute Together total minimum of 3 minutes 2 pieces 30 marks each Total of 60 marks
Component 3 Appraising 40% Exam 4 Areas of Study with 2 Set Works each: • Instrumental Music 1700–1820 • Vocal Music • Music for Stage and Screen • Fusions Exam 1hr 45mins Total of 80 marks
Area of Study*Set Works
Instrumental Music 1700–1820 J.S. Bach: 3rd Movement from Brandenburg Concerto no. 5 in D major L. van Beethoven: 1st Movement from Piano Sonata no. 8 in C minor ‘Pathétique
Vocal Music H. Purcell: Music for a While
 Queen: Killer Queen (from the album ‘Sheer Heart Attack’)
Music for Stage and Screen S. Schwartz: Defying Gravity (from the album of the cast recording of Wicked) J. Williams: Main title/rebel blockade runner (from the soundtrack to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope)
Fusions Afro Celt Sound System: Release (from the album ‘Volume 2: Release’) Esperanza Spalding: Samba Em Preludio (from the album ‘Esperanza’)