Every pupil is entitled to work creatively and explore areas that interest them, both ‘in’ and ‘through’ the medium of Performing Arts. Drama, Dance, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts are vital to SMSC and are subjects that are accessible to all. Drama is delivered as a discrete subject at KS3 with students receiving x2 lessons a fortnight. Dance is also delivered through Physical Education as part of the KS3 girls’ curriculum and can also be selected at KS4, as a part of the Creative pathway of learning. A number of different styles of Dance are covered at KS3 in PE, including Rock n Roll and Bollywood.


The drama curriculum is spiral in nature; essential drama and social skills are built into the curriculum in Year 7. They are then built upon and extended throughout Years 8 and 9, equipping students with a basic drama vocabulary that enables them to tackle GCSE Drama or Performing Arts Technical Award if opted for.

KS3 Drama

At Key Stage 3 students develop skills in responding, making, performing and evaluating, enhancing confidence, creativity and an appreciation of a range of theatre styles and genres. Themes, topics and issues are explored incorporating a range of dramatic skills and explorative strategies for each year group. Each year students are introduced to drama techniques and styles of performance through various genres and drama mediums. The curriculum is skills and text based with schemes of work that take different stimuli, starting points and key texts to explore and utilise the skills and key texts

Year Group Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
7 Guilty or Not Guilty? The Haunted Lift Script Work The Skeleton Girl Theatre in Education Project Script Work
8 Vandalism Darkwood Manor ‘Leaving the City’ script The Average Family The Seven Deadly Sins Script work
9 The Identification Pantomine The Titanic Commedia dell’arte ‘Our Day Out’ script Genres of Theatre


At Key Stage 4 students can opt for drama GCSE, dance GSCE or a Technical Award in Performing Arts.

GCSE Drama

Students follow the Edexcel specification which allows students to work as performers, devisers, directors and designers. Students will study a range of play-texts and create their own new, original drama from a range of stimuli. A range of topics and play-texts will be studied and are always chosen with the students interest in mind. Opportunities are provided for students to access a range of live performances throughout the course.The course balances practical and theory work with final written and pracitcal exams.

GCSE Dance

GCSE Dance is a creative qualification that will develop students’ ability to choreograph, perform and appreciate dances through observing, discussing and actively exploring dance styles. Classes will involve self-reflection, interpersonal skills and teamwork to develop creative, artistic, social and physical skills. In year 10, learners work towards an assessed solo performance and group choreography. Year 11 focuses on preparing for the final written exam based on ab anthology of works

Technical Award in Performing Arts

This course allows students the opportunity to build Performing Arts skills that show an aptitude for further learning both in the sector and more widely. Students will acquire technical skills through vocational contexts by studying acting, dance or musical theatre.

Students will understand effective ways of working in the performing arts, such as development of ideas, rehearsal and performance. This is a highly practical course with no written exams.


At Key Stage 5 students can opt for A Level Drama and Theatre as well as BTEC in Performing Arts.

AS/A Level Drama and Theatre

A Level Drama and Theatre studies involves the exploration of drama and theatre that allows students to analyse performances, take part in drama productions, as well as studying plays and playwrights. There are plenty of opportunities to watch live theatre and to perform on the stage.

BTEC National Subsidiary Diploma or Extended Diploma in Performing Arts

Students can opt for Performing Arts with a minimum of 5 GCSE’s at grade C or above. There are two BTEC courses, a full time course (worth 3 A Levels) or a smaller course (worth 1 A Level). These demanding vocational courses provide opportunities to study Acting and Performing Arts at National Diploma level. Each course will give students experience of different acting and performance styles and techniques which will be covered using a range of teaching methods such as discussion, presentation, group work, demonstration and practical work.

Extra Curricular

There are a range of opportunities for students of all years to get involved in extra-curricular Performing Arts. Dance Alive runs through PE, Drama Club for KS3 runs once a week and there are opportunities to audition for the annual school production. Previous productions include ‘We Will Rock You!’, ‘Fame’ and ‘The Wedding Singer.’