Product Design

Year 7 – Desk Tidy

Students learn all aspects of A & S in the workshop. The project gives the students the chance to design and manufacture a Desk Tidy for themselves. They are introduced to various tools, machines and materials such as High Impact Polystyrene, MDF and Pine.

Homework: Product Analysis of a Desk Tidy

Year 8 – Bird Feeder

Building on the skills students learnt in year 7, students produce an accurate scale working drawing using CAD. They will research bird feeders and select a target client themselves. Students will use a wide variety of production techniques, marking out and finishing processes on their project, enhance their knowledge of woods.

Homework: Mood board on Bird Feeders

Year 9 – Memoboard

Students are guided through a process of creative designing based on a given theme of nature. They develop through sketches and model making a Memoboard which is aimed at a chosen target market group. The students have to manufacture a high quality product and are provided with a controlled amount of materials. They are required to produce a portfolio of evidence to show a process similar to the needs at GCSE.

Homework: Product Analysis of existing products, Collage of final design, Design ideas research


Course Name: Product Design

Course Number: 4557

Examination Board: AQA

Design and Technology is a practical subject area which requires the application of knowledge, skill and understanding when developing ideas, planning, producing products and evaluating them. Skills include designing, making, working with materials and combining components and materials. Students work with materials such as metals, timber, plastics, composites, card/paper smart materials in a creative an innovative way using major design movements as an influence, as well as using computer aided design (CAD) and manufacture (CAM). The course is aimed at creative students who like to develop an idea into a work 3 dimensional prototype.

Career Pathways

A useful platform for further study in apprenticeship and careers in Design and Engineering. Leads to GCE or A Level Product Design, and then Product Designer, Exhibition Designer, Set Designer, Model Maker, 3D Artist/Designer, Architect, Interior Designer, Furniture Designer, Design Engineer.


Unit 1:

Two hour Written Paper which consists of 40% course mark, taking place in June 2016. Questions based on pre-released material issued by the AQA Board.

Unit 2:

Controlled Assessment which is approximately forty five hours and constitutes 60% of the course mark. This is a single design and make activity selected from a range of tasks set by the AQA Board.